Thursday, December 6, 2012

My January 35 point Melaleuca Product Order


Hey Guys The Name of The Game is (Residual INCOME)! How many times do you have to recruit to make it? Have you heard of (Melaleuca) Customer Online Shopping? This is a real Billion Dollar Company! Not some Wireless Cellphone Penny Auction Weight Lose Ponzi Scheme where you have to Keep Recruiting everyday to make a 3% Residual Income! This is Not Your typical MLM Network Marketing Business Opportunity,so there are no sign up links. After watching the videos below or Clicking "PDF Comp plan" Melaleuca has a sign special for your lifetime All new Customers can enroll for just $29

The Pacesetter Program is part of Melaleuca’s Compensation Plan. New enrollees
can earn up to $200 when they buy a Career Pack or Value Pack and become a
Director. This bonus rewards new enrollees for moving rapidly to Director level.

I am working with a team leader who Made over $10,000,00 in the last 16 years! After You Finish The Videos i want you to make a decision about $29 Will $29 stop you from becoming financial free!  Call me and Anthony Williams 313-970-1976 So i Can Get Registered Today! Plus When Join i will give You a Link to a website that will give you 1,250 free Leads a Week For Life!

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