Sunday, January 20, 2013

This is Your Reason For Becoming a Preferred Customer

You Can Join Melaleuca as a Preferred Customer With a Lifetime Membership $29! New Compensation Plan Just Launch Feb 2013! Click The Tab at The Top of the PAGE! But for those of You Looking To Make Some Extra Money Working From with a Real Legit Direct Sales Company then this is the one to join! MELALEUCA Hits 1.13 Billion Dollars in Sales 2012! If you want to make true residual income from home you need to become a preferred customers with MELALEUCA! This company has a A+ with the "BBB" Monthly Car Bonus.Leadership Pools-Director Development Incentive.This Company covers the whole household.Melaleuca's products are famous and well trusted!Making money from just from shopping and doing the things you already do couldn't get any easier! Why continue to Shop at Walmart and Krogers Target Walgreens and CVS and other stores that don't pay you to refer is beyond me anymore.Melaleuca really pays you residual income to refer people as preferred customers that pays infinity wide and multiple levels deep. Anthony Williams 313-970-1976 Give Me Call if You Are Ready To Started Today. Really Consider purchasing that Value Pack because it puts you on a pacesetter bonus earning level where the fast start bonuses get real good. 20 preferred customers who purchase the Value Pack will pay $6,000 in bonuses!!! This Comp Plan really Makes it easy because just 4 people in pays you passive residual income every week and every month that pay your 35 point product order every month by it's self which is about $65 to $70. Your Residual income which is 7% of all your customers customers orders will virtually pay for YOUR product order month after month. That's true Residual Income.

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